Pilgrim Father

s2039 Pilgrim Father
Name Pilgrim Father
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NEW FOR 2021

Pilgrim Father 


The Mayflower casts off and we start.

The Mayflower set sail 400 years ago and so began an onerous journey for the crew and the passengers, who hoped to find their happiness and a free world in the distance.  Our nutcracker Pilgrim Father and Mother are symbols for the first brave pilgrims, who dared to step into the new world. 

Our 16 inch Pilgrim Father is one of the first English settlers from New England who helped found the Plymouth Colony in the Massachusetts of today. They sailed across the Atlantic on the Mayflower in 1620.

Armed in his traditional pilgrim garb with a black hat, pilgrim staff and broad black belt, he celebrates the fruits of his labor with other colonists and friends of the Native Americans at a three-day feast in 1621 after the first harvest.

Carefully handcrafted by Steinbach in Germany with great attention to detail.

  • DEBUTS IN 2021