Chubby Alpen Santa

s1874 Chubby Alpen Santa
Name Chubby Alpen Santa
Model# s1874
Category Chubby Nutcrackers
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Alpen Santa
Chubby Size Nutcracker

Every child knows and loves him: Santa Claus is traveling around the world. In order to be able to move through the forest and snow, especially at high altitudes and in colder areas like the Alps, he does not need to freeze to death, so he needs extra thick clothes. Our 11.4" tall Alpen Santa despite the cold with the help of his extremely thick red woolen coat and the thick wool hat. Between his hands he holds a green gift bag with a huge plush bear that makes the hearts of children beat faster. Made in Germany with love and care by hand


Made of wood

Handmade in Germany

Approximately 11.4 -INCHES TALL