Arch of Arches Holy History - 4 Tier Pyramid

m10690 Arch of Arches Holy History - 4 Tier Pyramid
Name Arch of Arches Holy History - 4 Tier Pyramid
Model# m10690
Category German Pyramids
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Mueller Pyramid Hand Crafted in Germany - The modern 4-story arc pyramid depicts lovingly designed scenes of the Holy History on all levels. At the top, the shepherd guards its sheep. Mary and Joseph pray on the second level in front of the cradle for the baby Jesus. Donkey and cow watching them. On the platform below, pilgrims come with their camels and the Three Wise Men. The lowest scene shows Mary with a child in her arms on a donkey, guarded by an angel, pursued by soldiers of Herod. The figures are made from the finest woods such as amazakoé, hornbeam, sipo, zebrano, padouk, beech and maple. The successful use of natural grain and color scheme of the aforementioned types of wood creates an individual look of the figures. The animals are hand-carved, giving them a natural expression. As with all pyramids of the Müller family, the two round arches at the top run on a spherical shape.

- XL 25.2" (64cm)Tall x 15.75"(40cm) Wide x 13" (33cm) Deep