Steinbach Limited Edition Cuckoo

SN21CC001 Steinbach Limited Edition Cuckoo
Name Steinbach Limited Edition Cuckoo
Model# SN21CC001
Category 8-day Cuckoo Clocks
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Limited Edition Cuckoo 

8-Day Cuckoo Clock

  SN21CC001 - The Steinbach cuckoo clock "Black Forest Haus" is the FIRST item in our "STEINBACH & FRIENDS" collection. The cuckoo clock is strictly limited to 25 pieces and impresses with its high quality workmanship and carefully selected details. The high quality figures were made by Steinbach himself and frame the cuckoo clock of our friends from "Hekas Kuckucks Uhr".This is the first worldwide exclusive partnership of the both two most well known German handcrafted companys. As soon as the cuckoo calls, the Bavarian happily lifts his beer mug and takes a sip of the freshly tapped beer. The wooden cuckoo calls the number of hours on the hour (e.g. 3 times at 3 p.m.) and once every half hour, while the man lifts his beer mug. This model has a manual night shutdown. The dial, numerals and hands are also made of wood. The mechanical hammer mechanism runs for 8 days.The partnership with "Hekas Kuckuckuhr" is not only unique in its craftsmanship. The cuckoo clock attracts with a high-quality appearance and an incredible variety of different craftsmanship. Straight from the Black Forest, refined with Erzgebirge tradition and attention to detail. A unique piece to be amazed and fall in love with.Cuckoo clock meets nutcracker - the very best in handcrafted individual items "Made in Germany".. 



APPROXIMATELY 12 -INCHES TALL x 11 - inches wide