Grim Reaper

S2070 Grim Reaper
Name Grim Reaper
Model# S2070
Category Horror Legends
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NEW FOR 2022

The Grim Reaper


Our Grim Reaper Nutcracker has a scary, spooky and creepy look. Brand new in our Halloween range, it rounds off your decoration and draws attention to itself. Hood down and scythe ready to knock on your door.

Studded with many details, such as the scythe and the tombstone as well as the little Halloween pumpkin, it fits into every gruesome decorative horror wonderland scenario. Take the decoration of your home to a new level.

Handmade in Germany with a lot of love and care in detail - by Steinbach.

  • DEBUTS IN 2022
  • Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker suite Series
  • ITEM is 17 1/2 -INCHES TALL