Patriot Covid-19 Fighter

S2056 Patriot Covid-19 Fighter
Name Patriot Covid-19 Fighter
Model# S2056
Category Covid-19 Fighter - Series
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NEW FOR 2022

Patriot Covid-19 Fighter

covid-19 Fighter series

This year we are experiencing a very special 4th of July. The Americans fought for their independence 245 years ago and the name “United States of America” appeared in the American Declaration of Independence for the first time. After the last year of pandemic, it is now about time to celebrate again. Let us commemorate American history, the American people and heroes, the brave women and men who proudly defend the American nation and the entire free world.

Our unique special edition of the Covid-19 Fighter is dedicated to all the brave people who cope with the pandemic. He is also a homage to all the helpers and heroes of everyday life in the Corona crisis. Lovingly handcrafted in Germany / Marienberg with great attention to detail - by Steinbach

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