Cute Dragon Boy

S2005 Cute Dragon Boy
Name Cute Dragon Boy
Model# S2005
Category Enchanting Monster Series
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Cute Dragon Boy

Enchanting Monster Series

Attention! Half-grown dragon approaching! It’s not the first time that our Cute Dragon Boy snuck away when his mother wasn’t looking, to go and watch the big dragons race through the sky. He could spend hours watching them showing off their impressive skills. His biggest dream is, to become the fastest and most powerful dragon of them all. To the chagrin of everyone else the Dragon Boy tends to overestimate himself. That’s why most of his adventures end with him having to be rescued from a tree or ledge.

He is more than proud of his new grown gold and white wings. His big blue eyes and the open-minded look on his face give away, that he is ready to face his next adventure. Fitting for this matter, he has a sparkly headband to keep his blue and blond hair out of his face. Matching his eyes and hair, he wears a sparkly blue shirt with brown shorts.

You’ll never know what will happen next when our little troublemaker is around. A very special Nutcracker Boy, that will bring life and joy into your home.

Lovingly handcrafted in Germany with great attention to detail.
-by Steinbach!

The Cute Dragon Boy is the second specimen of our "ENCHANTING MONSTER" series and limited to 2.000 pieces. 

  • DEBUTS IN 2023