French Snowman

S2001 French Snowman
Name French Snowman
Model# S2001
Category Snowman
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French Snowman

the Steinbach Snowman Series encapsulates this beloved holiday icon with unique themes and ornate designs. Steinbach's beloved Snowman Series continues with a 6th piece, the French Snowman Nutcracker. This adorable snowman is dressed as a painter, wears a blue striped shirt, white apron and red hat and scarf. In one hand he is holding a mixing palette of colors and in the other hand a paint brush. He is standing in front of a canvas stand with a painting of Notre Dame and a bag filled with wine and baguettes. Like all Steinbach creations, this piece is hand crafted in Germany with the finest care and attention to detail.

  • 6th in the "International Snowman" series
  • Made of wood
  • Handmade in Germany
  • Debuts in 2020
 Approximately: 11.2-INCHES TALL