Chubby Skier with Sled

S1988 Chubby Skier with Sled
Name Chubby Skier with Sled
Model# S1988
Category Chubby Nutcrackers
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Skier with Sled
Chubby Size Nutcracker

Do you love skiing? Then our Chubby Skier is just what you need to take the winter fun on two boards home with you. Tucked in with a scarf and hat, his white winter jacket and his green shining ski pants, he is well prepared to glide through the white powder snow. He also has his sleigh, which serves as both a means of transport and a fun alternative. The most popular winter sport in the world and the unique handcraft Steinbach - an unbeatable combination. Winter is fun! So, on the slats, ready, go!

Made of wood

Handmade in Germany

Approximately 12 -INCHES TALL