Gnome Wood Cutter

898 Gnome Wood Cutter
Name Gnome Wood Cutter
Model# 898
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Gnome Wood Cutter

German Smoker / Incense Burner

The incense smoker Forest Gnome with Sawhorse is handmade from local woods such as pine, beech, and ash in the Uhlig woodturning workshop. He is busy sawing the wood which was cut down by the Forest Worker Gnome. Standing on an oval coaster that is equipped with logs, moss, branches, and mushrooms. On his head he wears a hat with plenty of natural material.

The color of the hair and beard depends on the texture of the fur. He has a felt cape over his back.
Handmade by DWU - Drechselwerkstatt Uhlig in Germany, with a great attention to detail. 

Handmade in Germany

Approximately: 26 cm / 10 inches tall.

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