Sitting Skier

21592 Sitting Skier
Name Sitting Skier
Model# 21592
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Sitting Skier

This incense smoker figurine is made by KWO Olbernau. 

KWO is one of the largest workshops in the Erzgebirge is famous for their smokermen. 

The incense smokers are within Germany even more popular that the nutcrackers.

A product from the “KWO Chubby Ones” Collection

Designed to sit on the edge of a cabinet/mantel or on a Miniature Stool.
(Stool item # 81925, 81898)

  • Original German Christian Ulbricht Nutcrackers
Handmade in Germany


Height: 6.5 inches (17 cm)

Width: 5 Inches (13 cm)

Depth: 5 Inches (13 cm)

Comes Brand new in original box