Miner Gnome with Ore Cart

2103 Miner Gnome with Ore Cart
Name Miner Gnome with Ore Cart
Model# 2103
Category Smokers
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Miner Gnome with Ore Cart

German Smoker / Incense Burner

The incense smoker Ore Gnome with Hunt is the third gnome in ore gnome story. He has a difficult and tedious job, which used to be called a huntsman. His task is to fill the rail car, also known as the hunt, well and bring it to light. This can be tipped sideways, which was a great relief compared to the old wooden box on wheels. For this purpose, all overburden from the mine is loaded and sorted outdoors. The advantage is that the hunt travels on rails, making it easier to push or pull. Our gnome has already left the mine, which can be seen from the trees, mushrooms and other natural materials. He couldn’t wait either, and while he was smoking his pipe he began to look for the good stones.
Handmade by DWU - Drechselwerkstatt Uhlig in Germany, with a great attention to detail. 

Handmade in Germany

Approximately: 26 cm / 10 inches tall.

Brand NEW in Original Box