0-869 Woodswoman
Name Woodswoman
Model# 0-869
Category Limited Edition Premium
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Premium Nutcracker

Can you see your satisfaction in their eyes? She has lived with her husband for many years in a wooden hut far away from the cities. They enjoy the peace and live their lives in harmony with nature. She was just on her way to collect some gifts from the forest. A tasty apple, some firewood and pine needles. She uses them to prepare tea, whose antibacterial and antiviral effects have been proven many times in studies. The sight of you is grounding. Don't you agree?

Handmade in Germany, this Christian Ulbricht Nutcracker is beautifully crafted with a great attention to detail. 

Christian Ulbricht
Handmade in Germany

New in 2023
2500 Piece Limited Edition

Approximately 16.5" tall.