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News regarding Steinbach

In October of 2015 the Steinbach Nutcracker company filed for bankruptcy in Germany. Many of our customers have asked us what this means to the future of the Steinbach brand. We’ve prepared this blog post to share with you what we know, what we don’t know, and how this will affect the thousands of Steinbach collectors here and abroad.

What we know:

While we don’t know everything that lead to the financial ruin of Steinbach, we do know that a decline in sales and an increase in wages played a major role in the demise. Karla told Hildesheimer Allegemeine newspaper, a German publication, that prior to the minimum wage the majority of her employees made between 5.50 and 6.50 euros per hour ($6.25 – $7.40). The new law, which went into effect on January 1 of 2015, required the company to pay its workers a minimum of 8.50 euros an hour ($9.65). This was an increase of 27%.

The extra money needed to pay employees made it harder and harder for Steinbach to pay off business loans. Most of the workers were laid off when the company filed for bankruptcy last October. Karla tried to keep control of the company but was unable to keep up with the debt.

Karla was still optimistic that the Steinbach name would still survive and Karla’s children Karolin and Christian began making plans in an effort to re-acquire the Steinbach factories and continue making nutcrackers after the bankruptcy.


Marienberg Factory


 Hohenhamlen Factory


Karolin and Christian were able to put together an offer in order to purchase the factories back. The final decision from the bankruptcy was made just a couple of weeks ago, March 2016. Unfortunately, the banks decided to accept an offer from another source.


What we don’t know:

What does this all mean for Steinbach Nutcrackers going forward?  The best answer we can give is that we just don’t know.  From our recent conversations with Karla and representatives at Kurt Adler, Steinbach’s largest importer, we have been able to determine that nutcrackers will be produced under the Steinbach name but these new nutcrackers will not be produced by a member of the Steinbach family.

The new owner of the Steinbach factories has decided to carry on the Steinbach name and, as far as we know, will even produce the designs that were agreed upon by Kurt Adler. These designs were shown in January during the Atlanta gift show before we knew exactly what was going to happen with the bankruptcy.  We don’t know if the new owners will produce any of the older nutcracker designs


IMAG0598 IMAG0599  IMAG0601 IMAG0602 IMAG0603 IMAG0604

These are the new designs showcased by Kurt Adler Jan 2016.


What this means for us and our customers:

The recent events concerning Steinbach and all those involved brings an unfortunate mix of feelings. Karla has been a good friend and a great business partner over the years and we are quite sad as to the way things have turned out for her and her family.

We suspect the value of many older Steinbach nutcrackers will rise, especially items that have been hand-signed by a member of the Steinbach family, though we can’t be 100% sure about that. We do have a large inventory of Steinbach nutcrackers and most of our stock on-hand is signed by Karla, Karolin and a few that are even signed by the late Herr Christian Steinbach.

We are optimistic that Steinbach nutcrackers will continue on for many years to come but we will see if the nutcrackers live up to the quality, charm and excitement that was built by the King of Nutcrackers Herr Christian Steinbach.

Either way, we will keep you posted on this. If you aren’t already on our e-mail newsletter list, you can add your email on the homepage of our website.

Steinbach Kangaroo Nutcracker

We recently ran across one of the most rare Steinbach nutcrackers made in the last 30 years. IMAG0024 IMAG0017

This fabulous nutcracker was originally created for a company in Australia. They commissioned 500 pieces to be made.  Shortly after the first shipment of around 200 pieces they remaining order was cancelled.  Steinbach was left with 70 more pieces that were already made and ready to ship.  These 70 pieces were then sold to a few select stores here in the US.  Here at Mt Olympus Clock Shop we were privileged to receive some of the remaining nutcrackers. The few we had sold very quickly and were all signed by Christian during his visit in November of 1990.




IMAG0018 IMAG0019

Having a nutcracker Signed by Herr Steinbach was always a fun experience. Christian was always a lively character and had many fun stories to tell.






These Hearts were drawn by Herr Steinbach when he signed the piece in 1990.




This heart and the symbols underneath have started the wear over the years.




The Kangaroo nutcracker is truly a fun and rare piece that should be truly valued by any Steinbach collector.

Any questions you may have please call 801-277-6688 or email us: 

New For 2015

Happy New Year from Mt Olympus Clock Shop!

All of us here hope the new year is a great one for you and yours. As usual with the new year we are busy with inventory and ordering for the new year. We just got back from Atlanta after attending the 2015 Americasmart gift show. We found many great and wonderful things. Much of the time we spent wishing we had more room for new things in our store. We did get our first look at the new Steinbach and Ulbricht nutcrackers for 2015 and we are excited for what is coming in this year.

New Steinbach Nutcrackers for 2015

Our favorite new nutcracker from Steinbach. We figured this nutcracker is right up our alley. A true German Santa with a fun cuckoo clock and nutcracker. It is almost like they wanted to make a nutcracker just for us. The name it was labeled with is “Tyrolean Santa” we reminded them there is already a Tyrolean Santa from about 10 years ago and suggested a new name such as “Black Forest Santa”
The night before Christmas was written in first person. This year we will meet the story teller himself. Here he is standing next to a warm fire dressed in his night cap.



The new piece for all of those collecting the Horror Legends series is The Wolf Man.


For the last 8 years we have longed for a new Star Wars nutcracker and here it is, The Storm Trooper! The Storm Trooper is pending licensor approval, if all goes well we should expect him to arrive just before the new Star Wars movie. (Play Star Wars theme now)



Clara is the newest addition to Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite.


This guy may look like he comes from Legend but because of licencing issues he will just be known as The Viking. He is the first piece in the new Warrior series.


Calling all Downton Abbey fans. Mr Carson is ready to serve. This 1000 piece limited edition is sure to sell fast, since Downton Abbey has become the most popular drama in the history of the Public Broadcasting Service


Any guess on who this famous mobster is? The great Al Capone the first of the new Famous Villains series.



Something a little Different from Steinbach, Winter Frost Snowman is the first in the New Snowman series.




There are many other new non-limited pieces coming from Steinbach as well. Here are a few of the pieces we were able to preview: Hansel, Skier, Barrister and Mexican.

New Ulbricht Nutcrackers


Ulbricht is re-introducing the Christmas Carol series. The first two pieces available later this year are Scrooge and Bob Cratchit.

Ulbricht has many new Santa nutcrackers coming in 2015. This is one of our favorites.
This exciting and unique piece is named Grey Merlin.

20150109_195111 20150109_195157 20150109_195341 20150109_195224 20150109_195206 20150109_195013 20150109_195022 20150109_195031

Here are a few other of the many new nutcrackers coming from Christian Ulbricht. Take a good look at the nutcrackers and feel free to make comments about what you think. Do you have any favorites?

A couple of Jr. size nutcrackers that are sure to draw a lot of interest. A new Snow-globe Santa and a Fun Bavarian Clockmaker.


We will continue to post as the year rolls forward and let you know about exciting things that arrive. We will also try to highlight other products we carry and give helpful tips.


Thanks for visiting our new blog!