Steinbach Kangaroo Nutcracker

We recently ran across one of the most rare Steinbach nutcrackers made in the last 30 years. IMAG0024 IMAG0017

This fabulous nutcracker was originally created for a company in Australia. They commissioned 500 pieces to be made.  Shortly after the first shipment of around 200 pieces they remaining order was cancelled.  Steinbach was left with 70 more pieces that were already made and ready to ship.  These 70 pieces were then sold to a few select stores here in the US.  Here at Mt Olympus Clock Shop we were privileged to receive some of the remaining nutcrackers. The few we had sold very quickly and were all signed by Christian during his visit in November of 1990.




IMAG0018 IMAG0019

Having a nutcracker Signed by Herr Steinbach was always a fun experience. Christian was always a lively character and had many fun stories to tell.






These Hearts were drawn by Herr Steinbach when he signed the piece in 1990.




This heart and the symbols underneath have started the wear over the years.




The Kangaroo nutcracker is truly a fun and rare piece that should be truly valued by any Steinbach collector.

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